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Rogue Universe


Space has always been the perfect setting for video games, from the trading and exploration of Elite to the bleepy bang bang shooting of Space Invaders. In fact, the first videogame ever made was called Spacewar!

So Rogue Universe belongs to a long lineage of cosmic videogames, but also to a much shorter – but equally significant – lineage of strategy-MMORPGs on mobile. For the most part it does both sides of its family tree proud.

Let’s start with the basics. The central gameplay mechanic in Rogue Universe is familiar from every other strategy-MMORPG since Clash of Clans. You have a base, plus people, plus ships, and all of them can be levelled up by fighting, completing missions, collecting achievements, and investing the loot you earn into making yourself stronger in a variety of different ways.

But it handles this loop in its own unique way. The first innovation is your base, which is actually a hulking mothership, made up of six modules, orbiting a 3D planet that you can rotate in any direction with a swipe.

Space invaders

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