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An era of prosperity occurs somewhere in the vast universe,

The era was aptly named the “Golden Age” from the flood of goods and inter-stellar trade that prospered.

However, as the demand for commodities rose for the next couple of centuries, the Central Stellar became a path to corruption.

When the stellar system was at its most corrupt,

The unidentified invaders appeared and took over the stars in a blink of an eye.

The United Nations Stellar tried to fight back but their efforts were not enough.

It seemed as if the Invaders’ domination were on a countdown.

Their final move shook the universe to the core.

Suicide-bombs – The invaders turned their Battle Motherships towards each star.

The force of the explosion resulted in a chain of explosions of the planets,

The Central Stellar was at the brink of extinction.

The Invader’s ultimate goal was ‘destruction’, not ‘occupation’.

But why? Many have speculated but no one could find an answer.

The next generation remembers the events as “the Wrath of the Gods” against the corruption.

After the explosion, the galaxy fell into darkness

Due to the large amount of debris and radioactive materials,

The trade routes were completely blocked.

The remote/isolated stars disappeared in the dark

The head of the U.N.S military, San Martin, used the last remaining manpower and resources to carry out a New Route Exploration. Many lives were sacrificed in the process and the first route was finally discovered. Interstellar travel was possible again and a breath of life came over the universe.

A new era was declared with the discovery of the new route.

The U.N.S launched a ‘New Union’ and the military rebuilt the Council.

The Stellar Nations’ culture and economy was reshaped

The Invaders who were hiding out in the debris zone were killed or became allies

Hefty taxes were imposed to prevent the repetition of corruption that plagued the star system centuries ago. A large budget was allocated to the military to defend against any further attacks from the Invaders.

As a result, the military developed a stronger unity and the forces expanded.

The ‘New Route’ is also strictly controlled by the military.

In order to pass through the routes, an intensive screening process needs to take place.

Only those with a pass can trade and take these routes.

Despite the strong regulations, the smaller nations that remember ‘God’s Wrath’ couldn’t oppose.

When order was established and the anxiety of extinction was over, the smaller nations started to speak out.

They claimed that the “New Routes” were a way for the military to assert control.

A revolt took place on Planet VOL located in the outskirts of the galaxy.

They called themselves the Black Flag and illegally occupied a Stargate.

Although the military reacted immediately, it was not enough to squash their protest.

The Stargate occupation incited the smaller nations to stand up.

If the Black Flag had taken over the entire New Route,

A new era of isolation and self-destruction would occur again.

Some urged the military to legally distribute ownership of the New Route and some of the nations had allied themselves with the Black Flag.

The U.N.S military declared martial law against the insurgents

But the Black Flag’s anger only grew more intense.

Every day, more Stellar Nations declared to succeed from the Union.

Only the economic union, the Zurich Bank, saw the opportunity to stock pile goods.

No one could figure out their intentions.